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5 Things You Can Learn From CrossFit


Love it or hate it, we could all learn something from the success of CrossFit. Learn which 5 things you should apply to your own training – no box required.

CrossFit is the greatest thing to happen to fitness since the the invention of the barbell.

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Leg Training for Women: The Complete Guide With Workouts

Personal trainer Andrew Pardue and fitness model Anna McManamey teamed up to set the record straight on leg training. You’ll never skip leg day again!

As a contest prep coach and someone passionate about fitness, it’s always great to see women willing to step off the treadmill and begin putting in consistent work in the weight room.

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Become a Plank Pro and Achieve an Iron Core

What’s the point of following a strict diet only to reveal a weak core? Learn how to use planks to build a strong core that’s functional and shredded.

There’s a reason why the most basic exercises are usually the most effective ones for building strength – they are easy to master and they work.

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Dismissing Progression: It’s More Than Just Adding Weight to the Bar

The weight on the bar is just one tool in your toolbox. Use it wisely but realize there are also other options which might be more advisable.

Despite all the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman quoteables that you hear circulating around many hardcore gyms, the actual byproduct of such a mentality is usually “jacked and broken” – and if you think about it, it’s pretty true.

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