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11 Ways To Pack Some Muscle On Your Legs Before Summer


Turn the toothpicks into tree trunks! Balance out your physique and pack on some leg muscle and proudly strut those legs around the beach this summer.

Summer is soon approaching, and you know what that means? You are no longer allowed to hide your toothpick legs under pants in the gym. Don’t be that guy this summer. In fact, start wearing shorts every training day so you have to look at your legs. They will constantly be on your mind and will hopefully motivate you to finally take leg training seriously.

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Become a Plank Pro and Achieve an Iron Core

What’s the point of following a strict diet only to reveal a weak core? Learn how to use planks to build a strong core that’s functional and shredded.

There’s a reason why the most basic exercises are usually the most effective ones for building strength – they are easy to master and they work.

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5 Most Effective Exercises For Building Your Biceps

Blast your biceps with these 5 killer moves that put a twist on classic bicep exercises, making them twice as effective!

Here’s the thing: When it comes to biceps training, you can pretty much only do one thing – curl. Boring, yes, but you still desire a nice set of guns.

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Build A Thick & Wide Back With These 3 Back Exercises

Learn which 3 exercises are the best for building a massive back. Each exercise includes the proper performance technique and rookie mistakes to avoid.

If you’re really after size and a whole lot more strength, the truth is, you’ve got to take your focus off the “mirror muscles”.

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